Am here for one reason; to find emotional satisfaction

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I’m Modern woman seeking to meet a handsome and disciplined gentleman for adult things,,,,a honest guy between 23 and 35 years. Please be good at keeping secrets intact.I own several residential rental houses in Nairobi. I have 1 grown up child. Living on my own now.Interested serious gentleman get in touch for more info & hookup.jokers aside.

Wants more info about Lesley and connections? Telegram/Telegram Admin on +254784484568. Connection Fee is ksh 550

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  1. Charles Olilo

    Am Charles from Mombasa.36yrs old.i want Sonia cz she seems she wants a powerful guy and am here for her.stronger in bed to satisfy her, 30 orgasm guaranteed.I a strong mind,supportive,ambitious, success driven,passionate respectful loving,family oriented,and a conversationalist woman. 0725309305.I’m a man who is willing to lay my heart in order to fulfill your heart’s Desires.Am trustful,loyal,honest, loving,respectful, humble,passionate Man.I want a woman of ambition and family oriented. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for us to reach this platto? What I do know, is that I’m willing to put my all into growing closer to you. Letting you into my heart as we get know one another.If you truly allow me to be the man you Desire and I will make you happy and satisfied.

  2. Pat


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